Mark’s Blog

I have been writing these musings and observations for over five years now, all prefaced with a carefully chosen photo and punchline. The site has collected readers in over 40 countries who seem remarkably loyal.

I try to comment on daily life and things that seem absurd, contradictory, or just funny but viewed through my own cracked reality.

The blog usually steers away from politics and ‘moments du jour’ but occasionally something is so big you cannot resist (like Andrew shooting himself in the foot during his toe-curlingly bad BBC interview last year).

So, if long announcements on airlines seem pointless, a television channel designed to be watched by dogs seems weird, people who always think their babies are advanced for their age are irritating or tiny writing on hotel bathrooms lotions and potions mean you wash your hair with Listerine, this is for you.

Hopefully it will bring a smile to your week, maybe make you want to punch the air in agreement… or my face when you disagree. Either way, I hope you enjoy!


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