Emma Forbes, Broadcaster and Author

“A terrific debut thriller set in the film world, written by someone who clearly has worked in it. The story starts with the murder of a screenwriter and a very special screenplay he has sent to five specific people. Their common link? They all worked on a movie that abruptly stopped shooting years before. The story has all the ingredients of a classic page turner, drawing you in with its fast-paced narrative. Fall Out mixes danger and death, hidden clues and intrigue that rival the Da Vinci code and a wonderful set of engaging characters from the producer Marcus Riley to the resilient designer Melinda ‘Mako’ de Turris. With stunning attention to detail, Grenside transports us through the gilded locations that we can only dream of visiting. The final reveal, set in a remote cave deep in the Philippine jungle blew me away, all the more because it is based on fact! I’m already looking forward to the follow up novel, but in the meantime if you want a fast-paced stand out different thriller, I can’t recommend Fall Out enough. I loved it.”