Bob Harris, Writer and Book Promoter

“Award-winning television / film producer and classic car collector M.N. (Mark) Grenside reeled me in with his debut fiction thriller FALL OUT. It happened during my December 2021 vacation in Malta when I was browsing Agenda Bookshop looking for John Grisham’s The Judge’s List. And there it was — Grenside’s FALL OUT parked on the bookshelf right next to Grisham’s latest. So I read Grenside, met him, liked him, signed him and took his work back to Canada for readers, writers, authors, actors and booksellers to discover.

Mark writes in a visual sense — cinematic, with a seasoned knack of how to create a scene. He flavours it with just enough detail, historical fact and sharp “spoken” dialogue from a rich mix of characters to take the reader on a fascinating journey, absent of unwanted detail and flat “written” dialogue. Set in the film business with a Hollywood opening, Mark’s action-adventure mystery stars a glamorous couple — film producer Marcus Riley and designer Melinda “Mako” de Turris — in a life or death race through Cannes on the French Riviera to the Swiss Alps and into the dark jungles of the Philippines and onto the set of the old “Apocalypse Now” movie.

FALL OUT is the recipient of accolades and praise from M.N. Grenside’s peers. Top shelf peers ranging from Academy Award, Emmy and multi-award-winning movie and television producers to leading entertainment executives, celebrity broadcasters, notable radio hosts and No. 1 bestselling authors. FALL OUT is a must read for fans of crime fiction, mystery and thrillers — especially for readers in or hoping to be in the television and film industry.
This book is made for the screen!