Fall Out Book Tour

18th May – Booksandemma @booksandemma

18th May – Rambling Mads @ramblingmads

18th May – Love Books Group @lovebooksgroup

19th May – Frost Magazine Instagram @frost_magazine_westcountry

19th May – C is for Claire Reads Instagram @c.isfor.clair_reads

20th May – b for bookreview @BookreviewB

20th May – Cen sational reads @cen_sational_reads

20th May – The Lawyer Librarian @the_lawyer_librarian

21st May – Linda’s Book Bag @Lindahill50Hill

21st May – Jane Hunt Writer @jolliffe03

21st May – Joyful Antidotes @joycorkery

21st May – Fictionaltherapy Instagram @fictionaltherapy

22nd May – Meredith Rankin @MeredithRankin2

22nd May – the_book_reviewing_mum Instagram @the_book_reviewing_mum

23rd May – Becca Adams Instagram @beccaadamsx

24th May – The Magic of Wor(l)ds @MagicOfWorldsBE